April 27, 2019

JPA Spring Workshop




The Archetype of Number : Where Mind and Matter Meet; A Clinical View

Presented by Laura Lewis-Thayer, LMHC, EAMP
Jungian Analyst AGAP International

Workshop Description:

Number is the most fundamental ordering principle of both psyche
and matter. This workshop outlines the parallel processes by which
consciousness and matter form from a common substrate. Each
archetypal pattern has specific characteristics, functions, and virtues.
Becoming familiar with these patterns gives powerful insight into
clinical issues, both healthy and problematic.

This workshop brings together clinical theory with body-centered insight and experience to promote the following learning objectives:

  • gain insight into the common nature of psyche and matter

  • learn the psychological expressions associated with the most basic archetypal patterns.

  • deepen perception and develop clinical skill



Laura Lewis Thayer is a Jungian analyst trained in Zurich, and holds Masters degrees in Depth Psychology and East Asian medicine. In her early career Laura taught dance and Conscious Embodiment. Following in the traditions of Jung and his protégé, von Franz, Laura studies the most fundamental archetypes that structure mind and matter, namely the archetypes of number. She offers lectures and seminars internationally, and practices Jungian analytical psychology and East Asian medicine privately in Port Townsend, Washington. 


For more information go to www.laura-lewisthayer.com