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Jung Centers and Institutes

C.G. Jung Society Seattle 
A portal to information about the Jungian community in the Greater Seattle area.

The C.G. Jung Institute of Seattle A a nonprofit organization committed to research in the field of analytical psychology and to education founded on the work of Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Gustav Jung.

C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco
Offers education and information to other professionals and the general public and promotes research about Jungian analysis and psychotherapy.

C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles
Offers programs to train future Jungian analysts and psychotherapists while promoting research and publications.

C.G. Jung Institute of North Texas 
Their mission is to share the many dimensions of Jungian thought with the community. They present lectures, workshops, and classes taught by resident and guest speakers grounded in the tradition of Depth Psychology and by offering a forum for the friendly exchange of ideas.

Ashville Jung Center  
Their primary focus is to offer world-class Jungian seminars through internet technology.


The Journal of Analytical Psychology is the foremost international Jungian publication in English.

Journal of Analytical Psychology: On-Line Wiley Library

Spring Journal and Books focuses on the areas of psychology, mythology, philosophy, culture, and religion. We publish scholarly journals and books

Jung Journal is a beautiful international quarterly offering depth psychological perspective on culture, as reflected in works of literature, film, art, poetry, music
C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco Jung


Ann B. Blake, Ph.D.
Core Faculty, Clinical Mental Health Counseling Specialization
School of Applied Psychology, Counseling and Family Therapy
(206) 268-4804

Elizabeth Clark-Stern, MA, LMHC

Lake Forest Park


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