Saturday, Oct 1st from 9:00 am to noon for 3 hours NASW CE

Ann Belford Ulanov seminar for JPA on Zoom


Priority registration open for JPA members only through September 1st.

Registration opens for non-JPA member clinicians September 2nd.


Back To Basics:  In Defense of Dissociation and In Defense of Its Undoing

The defense of dissociation carries what could kill us. This defense interrupts our going on being yet yields to our tender gratitude for it. Drawing on Jung's prospective function even of our madness, we perceive something more in our psyche's inventive capacity to defend us through dissociating against someone else's erasure of us. Yet our psyche presses us to undo this defense, to bridge the gap dissociation instantiated. We are pressed to discover the meaning of what has nearly annihilated us and secure its link to meaningfulness that environs our aliveness. Clinical experience with transference and counter transference, with dreams and active imagination conjoins with our psyche's witnessing our terror and its transformation.

This event will not be recorded.