September 26, 2020       1:00 – 4:30


PART II:        Ethics in the Spirit of These Times


by Laura J Lewis Thayer, LMHC, EAMP, Jungian Analyst, ISAP Zurich


In times of great chaos an ethical standpoint is pressed more firmly upon us, bringing into stark clarity the often conflicting points of intersection between individual practice, and our personal and public professional responsibilities. This lecture explores where professional practice and outer collective realities meet, and how we, as individuals, might grapple with the task of facing harsh realities that give no easy answers to right action.  We will reflect on the archetypal undercurrents and ‘living meaning’ of these Times, and the soul seeking process of coming to know one’s individual answers.


Jung writes, “the constructive standpoint asks how, out of this present psyche, a bridge can be built into its own future.” CW3 ¶397 


 Learning Objectives


-      Consideration of the ‘points of intersection’ between inner psychic processes and external collective realities, and the ethical demands involved.

-      Reflections on the archetypal undercurrents of the present age and what they might be striving towards.

-      Reflections on ethical boundaries in times of collective crisis

-      Working from a constructive standpoint to perceive “psyches’ bridge to the future”


Laura Lewis Thayer is a Jungian analyst trained in Zurich, and holds Masters degrees in Depth Psychology and East Asian medicine. In her early career Laura taught dance and Conscious Embodiment. Following in the traditions of Jung and his protégé, von Franz, Laura studies the most fundamental archetypes that structure mind and matter, namely the archetypes of number. She offers lectures and seminars internationally, and practices Jungian analytical psychology and East Asian medicine privately in Port Townsend, Washington.  For more information go to