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The JPA is an organization started by a professionally diverse group of psychotherapists with a similar interest in Analytical Psychology. We wanted to create a more structured forum where professional (i.e., state licensed or certified) psychotherapists with training and experience in Analytical Psychology could, by pooling our resources, obtain professional education and training in a way that is not available through local educational organizations. We also wanted to create a forum in which we would feel supported by others who seek to deepen their experience and training in Jungian Analytical Psychology.


JPA sponsors for its members several clinical events each year:  spring and fall workshops, an ethics training, and a fall seminar which is open to the public. The clinical events are generally led by Jungian analysts, followed by a clinical consultation group led by the workshop presenter the following morning.

Our annual ethics training is a noteworthy draw for practioners. Analysts conducting these workshops cover not only the fundamentals of ethics, they also offer unique and dynamic ways of exploring the ethical dimensions of clinical work.


Workshops, consultations, and public event are provided at a reduced cost to active members, and CEU’s are provided for each event. In the past we have had presentations by distinguished analysts such as:  Donald Kalsched, Ann Ulanov, Beverly Zabriski, Ph.D., Mario Jacoby, Ph.D., John Beebe, M.D., Thomas Kirsch, M.D., Michael Conforti, Ph.D., and Polly Young-Eisendrath, Ph.D.


Torr Lindberg, MA, LMHC
JPA President

Janet Tatum, MSW, CST-T, Jungian Analyst
JPA Program Chair/Secretary

Dawn Loerch, PhD, LMHC
JPA Continuing Education Coordinator


16150 NE 85th St. Suite 121
(302) 722-JUNG

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